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We Make Cybersecurity Easy

CISOVISION is a boutique cybersecurity consulting agency focused on removing complexity and being accountable to our clients.

  • Avoid Ransomware
  • Move Forward with a Plan
  • Work with Partner
  • Lose the Complexity
  • Understand Where Accountability Lands

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The Small Business Guide To A More Secure Business Network

The Small Business Guide To A More Secure Business Network

Why Work With CISOVISION As Your Cybersecurity Team

Where most MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and Internal IT base their security practice on tools they own, CISOVISION relies on a system. CISOVISION follows Critical Baseline Controls and adapts a strategy that works for every organization and a plan for long-term success. Working with the Executive level, CISOVISION brings security into terms that speak to the business and broker accountability to the right team. IT, both MSP and Internal, deliver to the plan, respond to specific ARO’s from monitoring, and are accountable through ongoing reporting.

Let us help you develop and drive security accountability in your business.

Make Security Work On Your Terms

CISOVision Logo MSP/Internal IT
Adapt a Framework Industry Standards Adhoc security based on tools
Plan Know your posture and gaps Reactive
Accountability Report based Adhoc reports based on tools
Monitoring Security specific monitoring inclusive of endpoints, network, cloud Network monitoring only and adhoc security tools
ARO’s Clear specific ARO’s delivered with remediation requirements Adhoc alerts based on security tools
Reporting Weekly and monthly reporting. Know what’s happened and what has been remediated. May or may not have specific reports
Checks and Balances Quarterly reviews of security posture. Know you next move based on your plan and changes within Critical Baseline Controls. Adhoc changes based on existing or added tools.


  1. Deliver to Business Stakeholder
  2. Know your Current Security Posture
  3. Monitor Security
  4. Address Gaps

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